Poltrona Frau, the pinnacle of Italian luxury furniture, is developing the “Poltrona Frau Suites” branded residences with up-and-coming architect Satoshi Kurosaki.  This film was produced to promote the brand.
The film is a minimalistic and artistic depiction of a world where the elegance of a traditional brand that has been around for over a century is fused with an innovative architectural design philosophy.

イタリアンラグジュアリー家具の最高峰 “Poltrona Frau ”が気鋭の建築家/黒崎敏 氏と共に展開するブランデッド・レジデンス “Poltrona Frau Suites(ポルトローナ・フラウ スイート)” 。そのプロモーションのために制作されたブランドムービー。


Creative Producer : Juichi Kataoka
Line Producer : Eri Shimazaki
Director : Kaito Wakatsuki
Director of Photography : Chikara Takeshita